The NFL Draft is an experience that every college player transitioning into a professional athlete dreams of. It only happens once, and it only happens to a certain few. This year was a special one, considering all the adversity that these star athletes had to go through in order to not only play the season, but to be selected one out of the 259 chosen. Florida, was a standout for draftees

this year. Alabama had a record number of players selected in 2021, but the state of Florida, showed how much gifted talent you can find across the state.

Let's start with the Florida gators, as they had eight players selected from the 2020 squad. The first gator taken off the board was at selection number four. Kyle Pitts, the phenom tight end with an unbelievable wingspan, was chosen by the Atlanta Falcons. Call Pitts is instant offense. The only way to describe him is a matchup nightmare. Already drawn comparisons to Travis Kelce, Tony Gonzalez, and a much faster Zach Ertz, Pitts will be a difference maker for the Atlanta Falcon's offense.

The next player chosen from the Gators was shifty wide receiver Kedarious Toney, at #20. Toney could be this year's Tyreek Hill. Considering that it was a luxury pic, because New York traded with Chicago to move back to number 20, he isn't necessarily a special teams, or wide receiver. He's a little bit of everything. The New York Giants acquired Kenny Golladay in the offseason, and already had Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton as their wide receiver arsenal. With Saquon Barkley returning from

an ACL tear, the New York offense needs to be more explosive. Toney, will not only provide a spark, but could add some extra sizzle in the city that never sleeps.

The quarterback of the Florida Gators was the next Gator off the board. With the last pick in the second round at number 64, the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected Kyle Trask. Trask finds himself in an excellent situation to inherit a team once Tom Brady retires. Once in a fight with Felipe Franks for the starting position as a Florida Gator, he now sits behind a legend, biding his time and given a playbook to learn and adapt to the NFL culture. Not only Tom brady, but Tampa Bay needed a successor. Hopefully trash is up to the task.

The next Florida Gator selected was in the fourth round at number 136. Marco Wilson is a defensive back, that can surprise you with his skill set. But he's also smart. For what he lacks in speed, he makes up an intelligence and craftiness. He joins an Arizona Cardinals defense, that is starving for playmakers and defensive backs who can handle the monsters that one could find in the NFC West.

In round five, pick 149, a kicker came off the board. Evan McPherson was an excellent kicker for the Florida Gators. Although 2020 was a challenging year for him, considering that he missed five pics, he finishes his collegiate career 51 of 60 in field goal attempts, and only One missed extra point after 150 tries. He joins a Cincinnati Bengals squad that is looking to put up more points with Joe Borrow and his former LSU running mate Jamarr Chase.

Miami didn't do bad as well when it came to draftees in the 2021 NFL draft. The "U" made people pay attention to their ferocious defense, and playmakers on the outside. With talent to be found in bunches in the state of Florida, it would be foolish to forget about the men who played at Coral Gables. Two University of Miami defensive players were selected in the first round.

In the first round, at pick number 18, the Miami Dolphins selected Jaelen Phillips. Phillips is a linebacker who can play The edge rusher position. He has an uncanny knack to sniff out the football, and is deceptively strong for his size (6'6 266). He played a key role in Miami success, and he gets to stay in Miami to now play on Sundays instead of Saturdays.

His former running mate at the U, Gregory Rousseau, was selected number 31 in the first round by the Buffalo Bills. A team that was just one game away from playing in the Super Bowl, Rosso is the answer that they are looking for to increase pressure on AFC quarterbacks. Rousseau has a body type similar to Jason Pierre Paul of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He's long, lengthy, and agile off of the edge. He is a perfect fit for a McDermott

scheme to terrorize the quarterbacks of the AFC East.

Not all stories from draft day are happy. But some do have a happy ending. Marvin Wilson, a defensive tackle originally from Houston Texas, played for the Florida Seminoles. He was a force on the defensive side of the ball; often demanding double teams and extra attention from the offensive lineman that he faced. He decided to come back for the 2020 season instead of being a first round pick in 2019. That cost him quite a bit of money, as Marvin Wilson went undrafted in the 2021 NFL Draft. However, he found the light at the end of his tunnel, by becoming an undrafted gem. The Cleveland Browns snatched him quick after Saturday's proceedings. $192,000 may not seem much for an NFL rookie, but he'll definitely get a contract with his play and actions on the field. Nothing needs to be said.

The 2021 NFL season offers a lot of surprise, and shock value for those who are used to the regular 16 game schedule. Florida players have been spread across the country, including Florida Safety Sean Davis, who is now an Indianapolis Colt ((Round 5, pick 165). No one needs to look far to find the talent that the Sunshine State bears fruit to.

Nobody, circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills. Now 11-3 , an 11-year window of one sided views has finally bared a reflection. One, of many goals has finally come to fruition. the AFC East now belongs to Orchard Park. The Buffalo Bills are division champions, and there's nothing Bill Belichick, Adam Gase, or Brian Flores can do about it. By winning the division the Buffalo Bills has snapped a streak of 25 years of catering to the head of the table. There are multiple directions one could point to for the success of this team. The obvious direction would North, and that's Coach McDermott. Since departing Carolina, he has implemented a culture of staying hungry and humble. He has turned around a franchise who was getting used to mediocrity, and settling for little accomplishments. He's instilled a mentality that no one is bigger than the team; a "do your job" Bill Belichick-ish type mentality. You can also think coach Daboll for teaching toughness and synchronicity. Hardly bend, never break. One could point to Leslie Frazier as well. The Buffalo D has been stout since the bye week. But that's just one direction. You have to thank the South, for not knowing what they had, until it's gone. The SMU madman and former Dallas Cowboy Cole Beasley, is having a career year. The king of the slot, is about to have his first 1,000 yard season. Sitting at 79 receptions, 950 yards and 4 touchdowns, Cole Beasley is redefining the craft in 2020. With 2 games left, Beasley has an outside shot of obtaining 100 receptions. He has also had 5 100 yard games this year. You have to look West to understand how the East was won. Josh Allen, the third year quarterback out of Wyoming, is having a spectacular season. Thought to be a draft day project/ borderline bust, there were doubts about his ceiling of progression. Deemed as only a mobile quarterback, Allen has erased all of those stereotypes. Currently, Josh Allen has 3,975 yards passing, and 30 touchdown passes. He has connected with 12 different Buffalo Bills for touchdowns. He is also a dual threat quarterback. With 383 yards rushing, and eight rushing touchdowns, there is certainly an MVP award in Allen's future. Alan carves up top tier defenses with a chainsaw type arm. Just ask San Francisco, the Los Angeles Rams, or even Pittsburgh. But the primary focus of this offense is the man that has an innate ability to escape defenders. A man, that has a knack for making corners look silly; regardless of coverage. He 'finesses' them, into making bad decisions and misreading his route tree. If one were to look to the east, Stefon Diggs has been collecting bodies all season. He leads the league in receptions with 111 so far. He just recently passed an 18-year franchise record held by Eric Moulds. The Maryland Terrapin product from Virginia, has found his limelight as a #1 in the AFC East. So far this year, Diggs has accumulated 1,314 receiving yards, and five touchdowns. He has six games with 100 yards receiving. In his sixth year, he has moved east, from Minnesota to Buffalo, to establish his place as one of the best receivers in the game. His route running is superb, and has a amazing rapport with Josh Allen. He is such a threat on offense, that it opens up opportunities for the rest of the wide receivers and skill players. This isn't a shock, considering that he was doing this in Minnesota as the #2 behind Adam Thielen. With the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets in rebuild mode, and with the Patriots finally falling from Grace, the Buffalo Bills have acquired an asset that will make them a threat in the AFC for a long time. The Buffalo Bills are currently the third seed in the AFC. They hold a tiebreaker over the Pittsburgh Steelers, and are looking to advance deep in this year's playoffs. The defense has come around, and has shown that they can shut down opposing offenses. Once the offense is up big, Devin Singletary and Zach Moss eat away the clock with a ground and pound game. the bills have an extra day to prepare for a Monday night tilt against a reeling New England Patriots squad. Cam Newton has not impressed this year, and the defense is starting to show flaws. After being blown out from the Los Angeles Rams, and losing a heartbreaker to the Miami Dolphins, the New England Patriots are the perfect victim to cement that the Buffalo Bills are the new standard of the AFC East.

On a foggy day in Northeast Florida, a subdue mood surrounds TIAA Bank. A fight is coming. A fight has arrived. A fight is anticipated. The energy that we receive from others is construed by the body, shaped, processed and then reverted back to others. If, per se someone has been deeply loved and cared for, they will reflect back that positivity, or hold it in. The same as the abused; fear, anger and animosity would be visible from the victim. In the NFL, after one's been embarrassed and abused, you can't wait till next week to return the favor. The Tennesse Titans were embarrassed last week inside of their own home by the Cleveland Browns. Baker Mayfield had arguably his best day as a pro against them; throwing for 334 yards and connecting on 4 touchdowns to 3 different receivers (and 1 Lineman). Then again, his motivation came from animosity. Past scars of week 1 of 2019 emboldened Baker to have a good game. Nick Chubb outshined Derrick Henry, which isn't easy to do, and the Titans could only save face after the half, making the thrashing they endured a bit more respectable. Now, Tennessee is looking to bounce back against a divisional foe, while making a statement. The Titans have been unusually quiet this week, which doesn't spell good fortune for the Jacksonville Jaguars and their secondary. Derrick Henry has been a thorn in the side of the Jaguars defense. The Yulee Florida phenom is more than comfortable in Jacksonville; and his stats against the Jaguars recently shows it. Starting on December 6th, 2018, Henry rallied up 238 yards and 4 touchdowns against the Jaguars on only 17 carries. In week 2 of 2019, the Jaguars bottled up Henry, holding him to only 44 yards on 17 carries (2.6) and only 1 touchdown on September 19th, 2019. However, for Thanksgiving, Henry feasted on the Jaguars. Henry was in full beast mode, rushing for 159 yards and averaging 8.4 yards a carry; hitting pay-dirt twice. That game catapulted him to a string of big rushing performances, which led to a rushing title. It's the reoccurrence of these performances, which entitles him with the moniker of "King Henry"; a crown he has earned, and currently leads in today's NFL. Derrick Henry currently has 1,317 yards rushing, with 4 games left.... But now, another dimension to the Titan offense has emerged- the passing game. Ryan Tannehill has been a deity-sent relief since Marcus Mariota, supplying consistency and efficiency to the Titans offense. 108 inches away from 3,000 on the season, Tannehill has a better than 5 to 1 ratio on touchdowns to interceptions (26:5). With a 106.5 quarterback rating, Mike Vrabel can trust the decision making of his quarterback, and take chances down the field. Tannehill has quietly reached the conversation as an upper-echelon quarterback in the league (bottom of the top 10). The AFC South is never a runaway however; with the Colts breathing down the Titans neck, it would be a shame if the Jaguars were to enrage them with providing consecutive losses. How can the Jaguars pull off such a feat? Well with the running game of course. James Robinson is no longer a secret. The Illinois State product is 32 yards away from a 1000 yard season; not bad for an undrafted player coming out of college. Robinson is the heartbeat of this team, allotting for 79.4% (212 of 267) of the Jaguars rushing carries. He could become the fourth undrafted rookie in NFL history to total at least 1,000 yards rushing in a single season, and the third rookie to do so in Jacksonville's franchise history. Can you name the other 2? The ground is ripe for raw running, and game recognizes game on this Sunday; even Derrick Henry acknowledges Robinson's potential: "He's a good player, been doing a great job for them, plays hard, creates success by the way he runs the ball and how he plays, and how they're doing as an offense... Credit to him and what he's doing and all his efforts." Let's not forget about AJ Brown or Corey Davis being matched up against this young yet crafty Jaguars secondary. Remember, no C.J. Henderson or Chris Claybrooks for the Jaguars. However, Kenny Vaccaro and Adoree Jackson are inactive today, so there will be holes in the Titan secondary to exploit. The key to the game today will no doubt be the running games of both teams. Duval faithful have no doubt that the Jaguar's offensive line will have James Robinson's 6 at 12 pm central. We all win and lose as a team, so maybe we will see what the Jaguars can do against stiff competition inside of TIAA. Not an invasion of sorts, because Tennessee is a neighbor. Masked up, and leading by example, fans and frenemies will watch a heavyweight bout in the sunlight; as the Jaguars attempt to stop a mad Titan.